The 67th Annual meeting of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute was hold in Barbados, during 3–7 November 2014. The theme of the conference was ―Small islands, big issues: applying fisheries and marine science to solve problems and create opportunities.” The United Nations General Assembly has designated 2014 as the "International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)" or IYOS. The SIDS process started in 1994 with the UN Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of SIDS held in Barbados. This resulted in the Barbados Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of SIDS (BPOA) that identifies priorities for addressing the special challenges faced by SIDS. Coastal and marine resources feature prominently in the BPOA and the Caribbean region contains the largest number of SIDS.


On 4 November, BIOPAMA hosted a lunch event around the Caribbean Observatory for Protected Areas and Biodiversity and will highlight the Regional Reference Information System (RRIS) and how it can enhance decision making and support capacity building for protected area management.

In the picture below: Jason Williams, BIOPAMA technical officer, presenting the Regional Reference Information System