Be part of the BIOPAMA TEAMs

8 May 2020

In Eastern and Southern Africa, the BIOPAMA programme focuses on two aspects for promoting more effective and sustainable protected and conserved area management and governance. The first is the establishment of Regional Observatories (in Eastern and Southern Africa referred to as Regional Resource Hub) to facilitate the provision of relevant information and data to support policies and guide more effective decision-making on protected and conserved areas. The second is the capacity development of managers and decision-makers of protected and conserved areas to use the data and information effectively.

The Regional Resource Hub (RRH) supports conservation actors such as managers in the field and at the central level (national protected area management agencies), NGOs, academics and private sector to improve the effectiveness of protected area management and, more generally, the conservation of biodiversity.

In this context, the Regional Resource Hub proposes to establish a pilot group in the region that comprises key persons from the above-mentioned organisations/agencies/entities who will be a Torchbearer, Enthusiastic, Available and Motivated (TEAMs). They should believe in and be willing to promote the RRH as a One-stop-shop resource for fair and effective management of protected and conserved areas.

The members of the pilot group will be selected based on an application process from each of the 24 countries in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. As pilot users, they will try out the services and tools available – acting as data providers and data users – and are expected to provide feedback to improve the development of the RRH, and to work as champions in the promotion of this environmental observatory in their respective country.


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