First webinar in series: data exploration, discovery and sharing

5 March 2019

The webinar, held on 20th February, looked at how to use the updated version of the BIOPAMA Reference Information System (RIS) to explore and discover data, to help users publish and document data and what documents are relevant and useful to share.  Participants from across the globe joined the webinar. The recording is available for replay.

The next webinar entitled Data Use and Analysis will be on 13 March at 13h00 (UTC+3) and will focus on the actual use of data that has been mobilised. This will include presenting on the data analysis activities that would actually lead to information products. Example information products include graphs and trends used to report on the state of biodiversity and protected areas, or landscape prioritisations designed to support strategic decision making. By uploading such resources to the RIS, regional users can illustrate the reasoning behind management decisions, and foster exchange of knowledge and best practice. This webinar will address the question: where data has already been collected, how do we do something meaningful with it?

Join the webinar on 13 March at this link:

Later in the year we will also be hosting webinars on financing protected areas, the World Database on Protected Areas and social and governance assessments, as well as more on data use, analysis and reporting

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