Pacific Tool for Improved Protected Area Information

5 July 2015

The BIOPAMA programme is establishing in the Pacific a Regional Reference Information System (RRIS) to help improve information about protected areas in this region. The RRIS is housed within the Pacific Islands Protected Areas Portal (PIPAP), currently being developed as an important regional hub for information exchange between people working with protected areas.

Land, coastal and marine protected areas throughout the Pacific have many different names and exist under a multitude of management categories and governance arrangements. They play a fundamental role in safeguarding natural resources, livelihoods and culture. It is vital that decisions affecting protected areas are informed by the most reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information available.

The Regional Reference Information System is an online information system bringing together relevant information to support decision-making for planning, designating and managing protected areas. The RRIS displays maps and supporting information about biodiversity values, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, species and habitats, pressures and threats, and management and governance.

Together, the RRIS and the PIPAP give access to information about training opportunities, protected area management best practices, funding, project sites, lesson summaries scientific reports and expertise. They will also provide a talanoa forum for networking and discussions. Importantly, the RRIS will encourage countries and other stakeholders to look at what this type of system can offer and to identify information types and tools that could be incorporated to meet their management priorities.

The RRIS is not just about presenting facts, figures and maps. It can support protected area managers, governments and communities to better use the data and information tools for improved policy and decision-making. Read all about it

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