Call for expression of interest: hosting the BIOPAMA Regional Resource Hub

23 October 2018

BIOPAMA is seeking a suitable host organisation for the BIOPAMA Regional Resource Hub for Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Eastern and Southern Africa. This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, regionally active organisation that shares the mission of BIOPAMA and is interested in becoming part of, and helping to shape, the development of the Regional Resource Hub and supporting the delivery of its core functions.

BIOPAMA is a collaborative programme that aims to improve the long-term conservation of biodiversity in Eastern and Southern Africa by promoting the use of the best available science and knowledge and building capacity to strengthen policy and decision-making on biodiversity conservation and protected areas management and governance (terrestrial and marine). Towards this aim, the Regional Resource Hub is being established to enable the provision of relevant information and decision-support tools, to promote and facilitate exchange of information with a variety of end users (esp. decision-makers and protected area managers and practitioners).  It is also intended to facilitate capacity development, as well as the exchange and improvement of knowledge about biodiversity conservation and protected area issues and responses.

The objective of this call for Expressions of Interest (EoI) is to identify organisations in the region that have an interest in hosting the Regional Resource Hub and that share the vision of BIOPAMA for Eastern and Southern Africa.  IUCN and EC-JRC (European Commission Joint Research Centre) will use the submissions as a basis for selecting a host organisation and for negotiating a hosting agreement for the establishment and implementation of the Regional Resource Hub.

The hosting arrangement will be formalised through the conclusion of an Agreement between IUCN and the hosting organisation, initially for two years with potential to extend this into a second phase based on an evaluation of progress in the first two years. 

Expressions of Interest should be submitted by midnight (Pretoria, South Africa time) on Sunday, 25th November 2018

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