From knowledge to action: Two studies on protected areas are discussed in support of the implementation of the COMIFAC Convergence Plan

11 November 2021

The Central African Forest Commission organized the twelfth meeting of the sub-working group on protected areas in collaboration with the regional GIZ project and the BIOPAMA program (JRC & IUCN).

The objective of the meeting was to validate the two studies, the first on the harmonisation and improvement of legislative and institutional frameworks relating to the management of wildlife and protected areas and the second on the study on opportunities for labelling protected areas in Central Africa.

The discussions aimed to orient the actions of COMIFAC on the harmonization of forest and environmental policies and on the conservation of biodiversity, as part of the COMIFAC Convergence Plan, in particular an action plan adopted in February 2005 in Brazzaville and reviewed in 2014, which is recognized by all regional and international partners as the reference framework for guiding their actions and funding in the forest-environment sector.

The occasion also provided an opportunity to report on the participation of the countries of the COMIFAC space in the IUCN World Conservation Congress, held in Marseille in September 2021.

This activity is a clear example of the contribution of the BIOPAMA programme to the long-term conservation and use of sustainable resources based on relevant information for decision-making.

To learn more details about the meeting and studies, watch the video.

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