Achieving fair and effective protected areas

17 June 2019

The global workshop on how to enable and measure improved performance in protected and conserved areas is generously supported by the EU-ACP funded BIOPAMA Programme and it will be convened by IUCN with technical support from IUCN and the Joint Research Centre JRC. Participants will develop guidance and recommended actions to support fairer and more effective protected and conserved areas.

Workshop objectives, themes and expected outputs:

The goal of the workshop is: to provide guidance on how to help measure and enhance the performance of protected and conserved area sites and systems through the available standards, evaluation methodologies, and assessment toolkits.

Specific objectives:
  1. Standards and principles: to understand success in protected and conserved areas and to discuss a common approach and principles for assessments relating to:
    1. Good Governance
    2. Design, priority-setting and planning for key values
    3. Management Effectiveness
    4. Successful Conservation Outcomes
  2. Practice: to develop recommendations for structuring, collecting and maintaining the data from specific protected and conserved area assessment toolkits, and from other relevant sources
    1. Management Effectiveness Assessment
    2. Governance Assessment.
  3. Monitoring and metrics: to recommend how to incentivize and improve monitoring of status, trends and conservation outcomes in protected and conserved areas and to discuss how to present and track their status for effective decision-making at protected area level and for upscaling to higher levels (e.g. national, regional, global).
  4. Data management: to better be able to promote reference information systems and improved data management and integration to aid adaptive decision-making.
  5. Incentives: how to motivate uptake of standards and assessment methodologies, and use the results to secure political will and unlock transformational change.

All the workshop resources will be available on this page.

Workshop materials:

Day 1, 24 June 2019:

Day 2, 25 June 2019

Day 3, 26 June 2019

Day 4, 27 June 2019

Day 5, 18 June 2019

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More pictures from the workshop here

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