Integrated Management Effectiveness Tool: Release of IMET 2.2

23 June 2021

IMET 2.2 is being released on 25 June 2021, with many new features:

  • Two additional languages: Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to English and French.
  • IMET Analysis Report: automatically generated, editable for final analysis and PAME reporting.
  • Works on any protected area, including those not featured in the WDPA.
  • User-friendly with automatic information transfer and easier navigation.
  • Automatic update: no need to download any future version anymore!
  • Facilitates sharing of assessments with the export / import functionality.
  • Easier pre-filling of a new IMET from a previous IMET assessment. …and more!

Remember to join the webinars presenting the IMET 2.2, as below: Presentation of IMET 2.2 15 July, 2021

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