BIOPAMA – Getting Ready for the Second Year of Action

22 January 2013

BIOPAMA begins its second year of implementation in March 2013. To more effectively move forward, experts from IUCN and JRC involved in BIOPAMA implementation met at JRC premises from the15th to16th of January to discuss lessons learned to date and key priority issues to be addressed in implementing this programme.

Particular attention was given to technical discussions about the development of the Reference Information System and ways and means to obtain a strong buy-in from decision makers at national and regional levels. The meeting served to assess recommendations from the BIOPAMA Regional Workshop for Southern and Eastern Africa (Pretoria, 4- 6 December 2012), which was the first of four such workshops. An effort was made to analyze how to make the best use of lessons learned from this workshop in planning and implementing the forthcoming workshops for Western and Central Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Key actions for enhancing programme communications were also discussed.

One of the most important actions agreed to during this meeting was the need to formalize and initiate the work of the BIOPAMA Technical Committee, which is expected to be in place by March or April of this year.

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